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Who  we  are

The Monastery of Tor de' Specchi is set in the heart of Rome, at the very feet of the Campidoglio, between the basilica of S. Maria in Aracoeli and the imposing ruins of the Theater of Marcello.

Our Congregation was founded in 1433 by S. Francesca Romana (1384-1440), that with the saints apostles Peter and Paul and S. Filippo Neri is patron saint in Rome.  
Francesca was inspired by the Rule of S. Benedict for her religious life’s project, integrating it with some particular customs, that constitute the special charisma of Tor de' Specchi. Francesca wanted an open monastery to not oblige to seclusion her spiritual daughters, so that they could continue their work of assistance and charity for their brothers. In line with the desires of their Mother, the oblates live "turned on by the zeal of God, with the great desire to serve God in the spirit of humility and to imitate the apostolic life so to go up to Christ living in common with charity… " (Eugene's IV Bull about Tor de' Specchi foundation ). 
A particular devotion to the Virgin Mary, to the guardian Angel and the service to the Church of Rome are the religious characteristic lines of our congregation and its spiritual language. 

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